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26th March 2018 - Interesting article on website ;-)

9th November 2017 - Our new interview is about the Rottweilers again. This time, the IFR World Champion 2017 Richard Adams on :-)

16th October 2017 - New interview! This time with a Czech breeder and competitor Pavlína Fialová. You can read more about her and her Rottweilers on ProfiDOG website :-)

3rd October 2017 - The 30th WUSV World Championship is starting today in Tilburk, The Netherlands! Online news and results can be found on ProfiDOG website :)

13th September 2017 - Today, the FCI IPO World Championship is starting in Rheine, Germany! As usually, you can find online coverage and results on ProfiDOG website :)

4th September 2017 - Useful advice of animal physiotherapist Kateřina Plačková on how to care for sporting dog´s musculoskeletal system can be found on ProfiDOG website :)

23rd August 2017 - Tomorrow, the IFR World Championship is starting in Belgium by the opening ceremony and draw of starting numbers. I wish the Czech team best of luck! Online coverage and latest results will be available on
ProfiDOG website :).

17th April 2017 - A very useful article about stretching written by a canine physiotherapist Kateřina Plačková can be found on ProfiDOG website :).

I did not write here for a long time. I will try my best to bring to you details about our pack soon. :)

27.12.2008 - Happy New Year to all visitors of our website.

6.7.2008 - we have no airedale puppies for sale

14.2.2008 - new pictures of puppies added in Gallery

18.1.2007 - B litter was born! More in Puppies.

15.11.2007 - Alotria Agayaga - HD A, ED A - we are really happy.

17.5.2007 - Beatrice celebrated her 2nd birthday - photos in her Gallery

27.3.2007 - new photos from our trip.

4.3.2007 - new photos in RTW gallery.

16.2.2007 - video from AT and RTW judging from The Westminster Kennel Club Show.

6.2.2007 - new photos in AT and RTW gallery

2.12.2006 - Alotria AgaYaga - full dentition and scissor bite

18.11.2006 - On kennel Swaledale (Hungary) web site you can find AT results from World Dog Show with pictures.

16.11.2006 - updated pictures of Beatrice in her Gallery

23.5.2006 - Our "A" litter was born, pictures in Gallery

2.5.2006 - pregnancy of our Era (Agatha) has been confirmed and we are looking forward to PUPPIES

1.5.2006 - New pictures of our BEATRICE (Amy)

14.1.2006 - We introduce a stud dog ARAN ROKOALI HOLIES

9.1.2006 - basic info about CLUB SHOW AT in HAVIROV was added

25.12.2005 - the LIST OF STUD DOGS was added to section About Airedales!

15.12.2005 - we added Airedale Links! If you wish to have your link on our pages, please contact us.

1.12.2005 - we added photos to Articles etc. to both our dog ladies, Gallery and Links will be finished soon

10.11.2005 - new Articles about Beatrice Bonnapo

7.11.2005 - our pages were published on Internet, for the time being without photos, sorry:)))

16.10.2005 – Breeding examination – Era Fargo Korak (Agata) – passed it without any problems and was given her breeding code – 4GMcU/5 (that means that she is 55x55 cm, is of demanded type and strength, has an ideal head with typical expression, scissor bite, ideal body and ideal character). Thus has Agata officially become a brood bitch and we will carefully look for an appropriate stud dog from now on.

8.10.2005 – Int. Dog Show Ceske Budejovice (judge V. Machátová)
Edward Fargo Korak – Exc.1, CAC
Eila Fargo Korak – Exc.1, CAC,CACIB
Eurida Fargo Korak – Very Good 2

1.10.2005 – Club Show AT Mlada Boleslav (judge. V. Ticha)
Era Fargo Korak (Agata) – Exc.2, Res. CAC ( Many thanks to Mrs. Simona Hoskova for handling Agata! )
Eila Fargo Korak – Exc.1, CAC, Club Winner, BOB – Congratulations!

10.9.2005 – Regional Show Liberec (judge. B.Svajdová)
Era Fargo Korak (Agata) – Exc.1, Class Winner, Regional winner

3.9.2005 – Int. Dog Show Mlada Boleslav (judge F. Polehna) –
- Edward Fargo Korak – Exc.1, CAC
- Eila Fargo Korak – Exc.1, CAC, CACIB – congratulations!
- Era Fargo Korak (Agata) – Exc.2

6.8.2005 – Era Fargo Korak (Agata) succesfully passed ZZO(obedience trial) on a Training Camp Dvur Kralove n. Labem, Excellent, judge P. Vycital

27.7. – 7.8.2005 – Training Camp Dvur Kralove n. L. – our next training camp – more photos Here

23.7.2005 – National Dog Show Mlada Boleslav (judge. Z. Jandova) –
- Eila Fargo Korak – Exc.1,CAC
- Era Fargo Korak (Agata)– Very good 2 (our first show, we really have to learn a lot!…)

16.7.2005 – Era Fargo Korak (Agata)– passed ZOP (obedience trial) 87 points (out of 100 pts.) – Very good , Training Camp Hermanuv Mestec, judge J. Plsek

15.7.2005 – Era Fargo Korak (Agata)– Airedale Club Obedience Competition AT with tracking -2nd place (out of 10 airedales)

9.-17.7.2005 – Training Camp AT Club Hermanuv Mestec – one of our camps, this time only with Airedales, more photos Here

If I can count, Edward Fargo Korak became a Junior Champion of the Czech Republic!

29.5. 2005 – Breeding Examination of Youth Havírov – Eila Fargo Korak – no mistakes
Speciality AT –
Eila Fargo Korak – Exc.1, CAC, CKCH, Speciality Winner
Edward Fargo Korak – Exc.1, CAJC
Etris Fargo Korak – Very Good 4

14.5.2005 – Regional Show AT Zbraslav u Brna
Etris Fargo Korak – Exc.1

23.4.2005 – Int. Dog Show České Budějovice – Edward Fargo Korak – Exc.1,CAJC
Eila Fargo Korak – Very Good 2

16.4.2005 – Breeding Examination of Youth, Újezd nad Lesy - Era Fargo Korak (Agata)– no mistakes

30.3.2005 – sister of our Agata, Eila Fargo Korak HD A/A (MVDr. Ekr) – congratulations!

19.3.2005 – National Show Ostrava – Edward Fargo Korak – Exc.1,CAJC

I have decided to track all possible results – working and show – of Agata´s siblings from E litter from Fargo Korak kennel.…

11.2.2005 – Era Fargo Korak (Agáta)– HD B/B, ED A/A (MVDr. Ekr)

1.8. – 8.8.2004 – Summer training camp in Dvur Králové – 6-month-old Agatha took part in her first camp – more info and photos Here

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